About eldarbee


My first name in Hebrew means ‘bee’. Years ago while listening to LA Woman by The Doors I realised that one of the lyrics (‘Mr Mojo Risin’) is an anagram of ‘Jim Morrison’, and then I started playing with the letters in my name and came out with ‘eldarbee’. I love words. I love puzzles. I love bees.

One of the most delightful pastimes is to watch someone draw. I could do it for hours.

I used to work as a pre-recorded subtitler. One of the best moments was subtitling both Metallica and Muse in concert. Utter bliss. One of the most interesting moments would have been subtitling porn. You try transcribing an orgasm…

I have written over 95,000 words of a speculative fiction novel, with two more novels traveling in the back seat and boot of my brain.

I believe that we all have a specific allocation of the foodstuffs that we will consume in our lifetime, and once reached, intolerance sets in. I use this to explain my aversion to eggs: in the first three years of my life they were one of only three things I’d eat. Now I can’t stomach them at all. Thankfully though, my capacity to drink tea appears infinite, for which I am grateful.

I also believe that you should be kind to your knees – you’ll miss them when they’re gone.


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