I’ve discovered recently that by naming what I experience as ‘depression’ or ‘anxiety’, I give my power away to these labels: I lose my control over life.  I prefer to think of these experiences as soul-openers or, as the wonderful Jeff Brown terms it, experiencing a nervous breakthrough.

As today marks the beginning of Depression Awareness Week, I thought I would share my experience with the words above, despite the resistance and fear I feel about doing so. It is hard to bring power to my voice when I fear that all I will be seen as is this ‘depressed soul’. There is so much more to me than that.

This is why I step out of my comfort zone to share these words. These stories and experiences desperately need to be shared. So much healing has come to me by reading/hearing the stories of other souls that have had or are going through similar experiences. So many connections. So much insight gained. So many resources to use.

So I thank all of you, with the deepest gratitude and love, for sharing your vulnerable, dark and broken parts. Let us keep telling these stories so that we may release, heal and continue to shine the light, for ourselves and for others, in the darkest of nights.


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